Natural Latex is Anti Allergic

The 100% natural latex used in Violand mattresses has numerous features which provide provide amazing sleep benefits.

Long Lasting

  • Feature: Natural latex is highly resilient and provides outstanding support over the entire sleep surface of the beds and pillows
  • Benefit: Remains superbly comfortable, what ever your weight or shape, for many, many years

Luxurious Comfort

  • Feature: Supple latex has that special luxury feel which conforms perfectly to your body contours regardless of shape, and lets the body assume a natural position during sleep
  • Benefit: The back and spine are gently supported in a normal curve for perfectly relaxing rest

More Quality Sleep

  • Feature: The exceptional supportive (anatomic-orthopedic) qualities of the latex means a reduction in the pressure points over conventional mattresses
  • Benefit: Tossing and turning is significantly reduced, ensuring a healthy, revitalizing sleep is experienced

Naturally Healthy

  • Feature: Latex is inherently anti-microbial, hypo-allergenic and resistant to dust mites. It does not harbor germs or bacteria
  • Benefit: Promotes a healthy sleeping environment, especially beneficial for allergy and asthma sufferers

Self Ventilating

  • Feature: Latex with its open cell structure and pin core design provides a natural airing system
  • Benefit: Outstanding ventilation qualities. Resists heat and moisture build-up, so mattress remains fresh and dry

No Need to Turn

  • Feature: Latex mattresses are one sided so never need turning
  • Benefit: Low maintenance, no hassle


  • Feature: No springs in the mattress
  • Benefit: Completely silent in use, with no wire to creak or squeak, no partner disturbance

No Roll Together

  • Feature: The honeycomb like structure of the latex gives even support over the mattress surface
  • Benefit: No roll together even when partners are of uneven size